"I am the watcher of Eternity. I have seen fallen empires, lost civilizations, the ashes of galaxies - time itself all comes to an end.
Why do I still fight?"

Emelia Key - Lore

Emelia Key was born in 2293 into a respectable upper class family and peaceful life on a terraformed colony on Mars. When she was 13, she lost her family to what the government claimed was an accident and she was indoctrinated into government academies for boarding. Secretly swearing to investigate the deaths of her family, she specialized in chronography technologies and work up the ranks of the Time Keeper Corps, intending to look into the archives and revisit the past.Her dormant genetic gift for perceiving and navigating fourth and fifth dimensional planes was awoken later when she was 18 during her work with timelines. Her experimentation with her powers led her to many "years" of countless adventures and mishaps, landing in precarious situations and life threatening worlds.A year later in her origin timeline, a warrant was issued on discovery of her dangerous powers and covert investigations to follow up with her family's legacy which increasingly grew riskier. She managed to escape and from her lack of training and control over her powers stranded herself in a time loop anomaly in 1885 on timeline R33.It wasn't until a few difficult years in a desolate time loop when the Continuum Confederation time agents rescued her from her plight and took her in for violating the laws of time travel. Instead of putting her on trial, they gained an interest in her abilities and recruited her into their ranks.Her work with the Continuum Confederation learning about the technologies and magic of time control and time travel, and overseeing the timelines across the multiverse began. Being outside of time, there was no measure of how many eons had passed during her work there. But at the back of her mind, her investigations into her family's death still took hold, and her dabbling into time in order to uncover the truth put her at odds with the Confederation again and again. Certainly her family had a lot to protect concerning her identity.Eventually as her powers grew, she was considered for the role of a Chronomage, one of the archmages of time belonging to the Council of the Order of Chronos. But dark forces brew across the multiverse and rifts and anomaly in space time fabric ever challenge their fates. Despite their efforts, too much remain hidden, and too much was at stake. Treachery and conspiracy already gripped the Confederation and the Council and things in the multiverse continued to grow dire under their noses. Even the Chronomancer, the god of time at the head of the Council, was not to be trusted.Emelia discovers that there was more to it than it appears. That there was more to her identity than she knew. "History" was repeating again. The Multiversal War and the Great Calamity of a few millennia ago is inevitably returning. Despite her warnings, the Continuum Confederation that presides over all of time and the patriarchal overlords in the Council of the Order of Chronos would not acknowledge her. Will she have to oppose those who have an absolute authority on space, time and reality and take on her own mantle, face her own darkness, and rally the heroes of the multiverse as the Blossom of Eternity, to champion an entirely new reality?More to come.

Emelia Key - Abilities

Emelia Key is known to merge with her celestial fox spirit familiar, Katsuragi no Akihito, increasing their powers immensely.As "Blossom of Eternity", her nine tails transform into indestructible golden clockwork daggers, called the Thousand Mile Golden Lotus. The blades are said to be stolen from the divine clock of the first gods, never found for all of eternity, a hidden mysterious rhythm that governs the multiverse and fate itself. Under her expert hand, the Lotus is seen to be encased in frosty auras and ice, circling and hovering around her, used as projectiles, swords, in a chain-like whip motion, or as focuses for intense beams of concentrated energy.Her powers revolve around manipulating space time keeping enemies at bay over long distances, slowing, suspending or freezing time and particles, isolating space time into her fractal dimensions or domains called the Golden Pavilion of Eternity. Within this fractal of reality, at her full power, she can forward or revert time of molecular structures into nothing but stardust.More info to come.